Bando del Premio 2014 in INGLESE




“Literary Cafe Convivio” 2014


  1. Can participate Italian and foreign authors by sending a maximum of three poems in which at least one of the three works will have the theme of Mare Nostrum. The poems in a foreign language must be submitted in the original language with translation into Italian. In the case of participation with a single work the expected poem might be with Mare Nostrum theme.


  1. The poems should be sent in seven (7) copies of typed A4, font Times New Roman 12, a copy of which(in a separate envelope inside) shall be accompanied by data of the participant: personal biography, surname, name, address, date and place of birth and eventual phone number and e-mail address and enclosed in a separate envelope with the following signed declaration:

“My poems competiting are the result of my wits. I Consent according to art. 11 law 675/96 the use of my data in the context of the Prize. “


  1. There is a participation fee (to cover the costs of organization, secretarial and promotion) of 15 (fifteen) euro.

Payment must be made bank transfer:

BANCOPOSTA – Associazione Culturale Caffè Letterario Convivio –


IBAN: IT20V0760116900001022588766


  1. The poems will be not accompanied by drawings or pictures that make recognizable the author to the jurors.


  1. The works and the envelope with the generalities, must be submitted in a single envelope to the:

Secretariat of the International Prize of Poetry “Literary Cafe Convivio”                                  Via Fontanelle 104  


To submit before the 01/ 31/2015 ( NEW DATE 03/31/2015 ) The date of the postmark will make proof.


  1. It will be discarded without notice those works that do not correspond to what is required in the preceding articles.


  1. The works will not be returned. The Secretariat is not bound to any communication about the outcome of the Prize not awarded. The results will be announced by publication in the press and on the website : . Finalists will be given prompt written notice.


  1. The opening of the envelopes with the generality of the authors only takes place after the selection of the finalists and winners, so that jurors are not knowing the name of the competitor.


  1. The jury is made up of 5 members and the President of the jury isProf. Antonino Buttitta


10. Finalists of Italian works will be awarded by:

First Prize:

Prize of  € 1,000.00 and a certificate of participation

Second Prize:

Certificate of attendance and overnight stay

Third Prize:

Certificate of attendance and overnight stay


11 For the foreign finalist: a single premium as the first Prize winner will be awarded: a prize of € 1,000 E and a certificate of participation.


12 The jury reserves the right to award a certificate of participation to remarked poems.


13 The ceremony announcing the winners will take place on April 2015. Prizes will be withdrawn by those concerned. All competitors are invited.


14 According to Article 11 of Law 675/96 participants authorize the organization to the processing of their personal data and biographical details in the context of the Prize.


15 The winners, finalists, and selected competitors authorize to collect their works in a volume that eventually will be published, without demanding anything as copyright: the works remaining the literary total property of the respective authors themselves.


16 Participation in the competition implies acceptance of all the articles of the Regulation. For matters not covered by this announcement, the deliberations of the jury are  prevailing and any dispute is referred to the court of Caltagirone CT.


For more information and / or assistance, you can contact the President of the Association:

Giusi Contrafatto     email:


Inserisci i tuoi dati qui sotto o clicca su un'icona per effettuare l'accesso:

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